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Programs for the Medical Profession



  • Periodontal disease and it's Impact on heart disease
  • Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistance and Diabetes  
  • New Risk Factors of Heart Disease for the 21st Century: C-Reactive protein, lipoprotein a, lipoprotein pattern B, homocysteine
  • How sleep and stress reduction techniques can improve recovery time after surgery 
  • What does the amygdala have to do with helping to reduce high medical malpractice rates
  • How to instantly change from a state of despair to one of happiness and productivity
  • Behavior modification techniques to improve exercise compliance, healthy eating habits and how to control a ravishing appetite

School Administrators and Teachers


  • Making Teaching Memorable ... Memory techniques and Humor to Improve Memory Retention in the Classroom

Strategies for Helping Children Acquire 21st Century Skills  


- Decrease Stress and Increase Focus

- Focusing on the Pre-frontal Cortex and Minizing the Impact of

  the Amygdala on Critical Decision Making

- Problem Solving through Parallel and Lateral Thinking

- Memory Techniques for absorbing and retaining information

- Understanding sleep and the Circadian Rhythms in Children

- The Use of Humor for Improving Memory and Learning



Financial Associations
  •      Overcoming Financial Paralysis
  •      What does the Amygdala have to do with Investing?