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Laugh and learn with
Humor for the Health of it
Keynote speech and two of our break out seminars.
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Stress Management, Humor, Nutrition & Exercise Physiology  Comedy Show


Experience how to laugh at yourself and become motivated to take the time to capture the joy while discovering a fresh perspective on life. Learn how humor can increase creativity, productivity, memory and reduce the incidence of disease. Exercise and nutrition tips are also included.


 Additional topics that may be included in this keynote:

  • Get the Most Out of Your Employees but Make Sure Your Employees Get the Most Out of Their Job

  • Changing Behavior in the Workplace/Instilling that Entrepreneurial Attitude in Your Employees

  • Productivity and Work/Life Balance

  • Improving Employee Relations and Customer Service

  • Effectiveness Training 

  • Reducing Employee Turnover


Breakout # 1

Taking Care of Yourself


  • Discover five stress reduction techniques that will put you in control of your emotions 
  • Learn five sleep techniques that will have you nodding off as soon as your head hits the pillow
  • Prevent/treat low back pain with these seven flexibility and strength training exercises
  • Reduce the risk of injury on the job

Breakout # 2

 Productivity Training

  • Take control back in your life with this program on time management
  • Learn how to de-clutter your desk and mind
  • Remember important information with these easy to learn memory techniques
  • Overcome absent-mindedness
  • Inspire yourself into action with motivational training
  • Improve productivity and efficiency with creativity- training boot camp
  • Streamline meetings by learning the creativity secrets of advertising executives, chief executive officers and comedy writers

Breakout # 3

Breakout # 3

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