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Comedian, Humorist, Motivational Speaker
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Looking for a comedian, humorist or motivational speaker?

Bring Humor to Your Next Event


Here’s the dilemma! Your corporate event, association, dinner, synagogue, church group or private party is starved for entertainment. If you have ever been concerned with the subject matter that have crossed many comedians’ lips, well fear no more … Joel Weintraub has developed a very funny stand-up comedy health show. Don’t let the word “health” scare you. Though science has yet to develop broccoli that tastes good and who knows how far we are from ice cream sundaes having the nutritional equivalent of a green vegetable, Weintraub has figured out how to make stress management, sleep techniques, exercise, nutrition, productivity, motivation and the science behind humor hilarious. 


Joel Weintraub’s contribution to clean and thought provoking humor follows a similar path of the worlds famous Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. For years there was no association between chocolate and peanut butter … until someone came up with the brilliant idea to combine them. By the same token the world’s of stand-up comedy and health seminars were not anywhere close to orbiting in the same galaxy … until Joel Weintraub, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of comedy and health decided that is was time to link these two formerly disparate fields into one hilarious stand-up comedy health show. However, there is a side effect to watching a comedy show laced with information about stress management, humor, fitness, nutrition, health and productivity. You may actually learn something while having the time of your life.


Joel comes armed with a master’s degree in physiology as well as a bachelor’s degree in health education. He has over 10 years experience in management, has run a cardiac rehab program, and has also been teaching for over 15 years. In addition to this technical experience, Joel has also been performing as a stand-up comedian since the early 1980’s. Weintraub has performed on the television show In Food Today, has been interviewed on radio and has performed at venues that range from Merck, National Institutes of Health, and the World Bank. He has also performed at Dangerfield’s and Caroline’s Comedy Club as well as synagogues, church groups and private parties. 


Weintraub has nearly an endless supply of quips, gags and stories that will have your friends and associates laughing and learning about stress management and other very useful health tips. One minute you will be so relaxed that you will feel as if you are lounging in a Jacuzzi while the next minute you will be laughing so hard you will feel as if you are in a comedy club.