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Physiologist, Humorist and Neuroscience Researcher 
Making technical and scientific information entertaining and understandable 
Laugh and Learn While You Experience the Relationship Between Education and Humor

You may have seen educators and you may have seen humorists ... but how often have you seen a humorous educator?

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National Keynote Presentation in San Diego, CA

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Food Channel Interview on National TV 
Information accurate at time of taping



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Stress Management at Penn State Employee Retreat


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Exercise Physiology and Introduction to Biochemistry of Relationships


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Nutrition & Time Management




Relax, Laugh and Learn About:
Individual Health        Business Success

Health & Fitness

Customer Service


Time Management

Stress Management

De-Clutter Your Desk

Sleep Techniques

Improve Employee Relations


Getting the Most out of Your Employees While Making Sure Your Employees Get the Most Out of their Jobs 


How to Instill an Entrepreneurial Spirit and Attitude in Your Employees


Overcoming Absent-Mindedness

Metabolic Syndrome

Reducing Employee Turnover




Humor for the Health of it cannot be held responsible if, during the show, your sides end up splitting and you wind up in stitches.


Why choose Humor for the Health of It?


By presenting updated information from a comedian and an educators perspective, the audience is given the opportunity to laugh and learn.  One minute they will think they are in a comedy club, while the next minute they couldn't be more relaxed if they were lounging in a jacuzzi. 


Network and Cable TV

International Radio Broadcasts

Keynote Speaker in 50 States and Canada 



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